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Like any casino, we aim to create a good atmosphere at the tables. To do this, we’ve put together some guidelines about acceptable behaviour. Violation of etiquette rules may in some cases lead to closure of the account and black listing to prevent this player from signing up again. Notoriously abusive players may get their chat privileges removed by us without warning. You can report abusive players to the site operators at our Help.

Chatting at the tables should be in English only. You may not discuss a hand while it is still being played.

Please refrain from using abusive words or any type of links at PokerRoom.com, otherwise you risk having your chat facility blocked. Also try to avoid choosing nicknames that are offensive. We may have to censor them.

You can mute players that you don't want to listen to. Simply place your mouse pointer over a player's head and click. You will then see a message in the text window that the player has been muted. Just click on the player again to un-mute him/her.

If a player is lagging, it's O.K. to bring it to his attention, but please do it in a friendly fashion. Most times the lag is not under the players' control but he may appreciate you letting him know, as often a lagging player will actually think the whole game is running slow, not realizing it is them making it so.

Some players have been trying to improve their play-money ranking by letting a partner raise to the maximum every round and then give the pot to the other player by folding. We strongly advice against such behaviour, as it is unfair to the other players on the top list. It's also quite easy to detect due to our logging of all activity at the tables. Cheating or credit dumping are grounds for permanent blacklisting.

Please don't create more than one player account per person. We will block all accounts except one, for players who have created multiple accounts.

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